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Q: Hello :) I am in a gluten free diet to figure out if I am gluten intolerant, which I guess I am. I have a question though: what kind of chocolate it is ok to consume? It is Nutella ok? I have checked its nutrients and I have found any gluten product [or at least not a labeled one]. I can not live without chocolate literally. thnx in advance

Hi there, thanks for this question! Nutella is 100% gluten free. Other chocolate candies contain no gluten ingredients, but they are subject to gluten cross-contamination because they’re made on the same manufacturing equipment or in the same facilities as those gluten-containing items. If you have any doubt on certain chocolate companies, a little research is always good to see if they are made in the same factories. Here is also a link that gives you tons of information on different chocolates and candies:  I hope this helps and good luck! :)

asked by elle-ennoir
Q: You're a life saver! Recently discovered that in gluten intolerant, so your blog has helped me so much! Thank you <3

Thank you so much for the lovely words, they made my morning! :) I’m so happy that I could help!

asked by hallomind